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Part of the Air Cadet General Training will be held at CFB Connaught in Ottawa instead of Trenton

By now, some of you may have heard through various means that a mould issue has come to light in the modular accommodations “Mods” at Trenton. These buildings are under the control of the base so the situation was not detectable by the training centre. Unfortunately, they cannot be serviceable in time for the summer training season. As such, various contingencies were considered but these barracks being unavailable for use represents a loss of approximately 250 bed spaces that we would otherwise use for a mixture of adult staff, staff cadets and some course cadets.

The end decision was to re-allocate 200 of the 355 cadets attending General Training on each serial to Connaught National Cadet Training Centre in Ottawa for this summer as a temporary measure. This obviously means that with the re-allocation of cadets, comes the re-allocation of associated staff.

Here’s what you need to know: If you got on to camp in Trenton, your offer to go to camp still stands. Warrants will be calling around within the next 48 hours to confirm with those individuals it affects. the dates (currently) remain the same. For those effected, here are the joining instructions for CFB Connaught.


The 2015 – 2016 Training Year is now concluded

The 2015 – 2016 Training Year is now concluded following our recent Annual Review. That includes our Music and ground school programs. The cadets are not required to attend LHQ on Wednesday nights until resumption of 2016 – 2017 Training Year in the fall, at Pauline Vanier School on Wednesday, 7 Sept 2016. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

132 RCACS CIC/CV Personnel including WO1 Ivo, WO2 Nar, Vyas and Benoit will continue to report and/or be available to the CO on Wednesdays 01 and 08 Jun 2016 at David Suzuki SS. During that time, personnel will support CI S Joseph, CI Benoit and 2Lt Prout in the Summer Training deployment. Dress will be appropriate civilian attire. During that time, and until end of June, we will be running post-ops review, staff interviews, Warrant workshops, administer summer camp training update, update our training on FV2 and wind down our 2015 – 2016 Training year.

All cadets are to please monitor our web site very closely for Summer Camp updates.



Annual Review Parade was held on Saturday May 28 at Century Gardens, located at 340 Vodden St E, Brampton. To all the cadets, a job well done. You were all amazing, and to all the staff that helped out we would like to say “Thank you”! Here is the link to the video.



6 Week Course Cadets – Earn Secondary School Credits. Click Here for details.


Summer Training Camp Joining Instructions

Here are the Cadet Training Centre Joining Instructions for TrentonConnaught and Blackdown.



David Suzuki School Permit



75th Anniversary Pin Position Guide

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